Forcefully Unveiled ll

Since September 2023 Rachel is working on a new project. This project is about women who take back power over their own body and life after experiencing physical/sexual abuse.

Rachel is working together with women, creating paintings of them or their body, focusing on the strength and beauty. She hopes this project helps the women she is working with to claim their body back.

To get an idea about the painting style/technique, please check out her other project Forcefully Unveiled.

This project is meant to shine a light on something that often goes unnoticed and doesn’t get talked about – abuse and violence towards women. One in ten students get raped in the few years they spend studying and almost 20% of all women get raped at least once during their lifetime (Amnesty International, 2021).

A lot of women do not talk about their experiences. They don’t know where to look for help, and even more important they are ashamed of what has happened.

We have to break this cycle of violence and have to start talking about what is happening. We have to create more awareness to take away the shame that accompanies abuse.

If you are interested in participating in this project, feel free to get in touch.