UPCOMING! MakkumArt 2024 May 18-20

A big art event in the beautiful city of Makkum, the Netherlands from May 18 – May 20. Over 50 artists will be exhibiting their work throughout the city.

My work will be about strength and vulnerability of the female body. I created new paintings inspired by ancient Greek mythology and symbols that have been used for feminine beauty throughout art history, like flowers.

Got curious? Come have a look in Makkum! My work will be at Papiermolenstreek 3, Boerderij Groothof


26-27 October 2024 Buitensalon

September 2024 Binnensalon (dates will follow)

2024 Open Atelier Route Noordenveld

Always wanted to have a look in an artist’s studio? These two days my studio will be open to the public, a unique chance!

Opening: Hooghaar 1 Peize

11:30AM saturday 11 May

Music: Same Old

2023 Drie Jonge Meesters op de Roomsterborgh

November 22 – December 3, 2023

Drie Jonge Meesters at the Roomsterborgh, featured work of three women artist from the North: Annette Hoolsema, Judith Nieuwhof and Rachel Climo.

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2023 Graduation Show Academy Minerva

June 17 – June 22, 2023


A majority of young women in the Netherlands has experienced sexual harassment. One in ten students has been raped. Rachels work shines a light on a very relevant social subject: violence against women. Her paintings depict women bodies in moments of confusion and abuse and in moments of strength and fierceness.

This series continues after the show. Rachel is still working on new artworks contributing to Forcefully Unveiled.

2021, 2023 Sanquin Nijmegen

September 6 – December 13, 2023

September 9 – December 15, 2021

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2020 Academie op de Borgh

Exhibition of the Classical Academy of Art. Featuring diverse work of several students at the Roomsterborgh, Leek

2018 Galerie 8×4 Gorinchem