Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower

Hans Christian Andersen

Rachel Climo is an artist living in the Netherlands. She graduated at the Classical Academy of Arts and Art Academy Minerva (both in Groningen). Her work is reflective and confronting, subtle and bold at the same time. She researches the materials she works with extensively to make her work durable. She uses traditional painting techniques that connect with the future by using unnatural colors and relevant social subjects. Her paintings are deeply rooted in human experience.

Rachel lives in Drenthe, the North of the Netherlands. She gives technical courses at Kunstacademie Friesland (KAFR Leeuwarden) and ZaadeL (Nijmegen). At KAFR she gives a course on making your own oil paint, and at ZaadeL she gives courses about painting the eyes, nose, ears and the mouth with the Zorn Palette.

Most of the work on this website is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, feel free to get in touch to inquire for prices or to arrange a studio visit.


2023 Drie Jonge Meesters op de Roomsterborgh

This exibition is about the strenght and vulnerability of the female body, with new paintings made after Scheemda. Two big works are exhibited, 190×160 and 173x135cm. The last one is Underwater, a painting depicting a woman ‘falling’ underwater. Is she drowning or being comforted in her moment apart from the world?

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2023 Graduation show Academy Minerva

This exhibition at Fabriek de Toekomst in Scheemda is about the strength and vulnerability of the (nude) female body. The key color is blue.

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2021 Sanquin Nijmegen

A diverse selection of artwork is featured in Nijmegen

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2020 Academie op de Borgh

Exhibition of the Classical Academy of Art. Featuring diverse work of several students at the Roomsterborgh, Leek